La vida es un carnaval
K.Simonov - Wait For Me

Wait for me, and I`ll come back,
Wait and I`ll come.
Wait through autumn`s yellow rains
And its tedium.
Steel your heart and do not grieve,
Wait through winter`s hase,
Wait through wind and raging storm,
Wait through summer`s blaze.
Wait when others wait no more,
When my letters stop,
Wait with hope that never wanes,
Wait and don`t give up.

Wait for me and I`ll come back,
Patience, dear one, learn.
Turn away from those who say
That I`ll not return.
Let my son and mother weep
Tears of sorrow, let
Friends insist that it is time,
That you must forget.
Do not listen to their kind
Words of sympathy,
Do not join them if they drink
To my memory.

Wait for me. Let those who don`t -
Once I`m back with you -
Let them say that it was luck
That had seen us through.
You and I alone will know
That I safely came,
Spiting every kind of death,
Through that lethal flame,
Just because you learned to wait
Staunchly, stubbornly,
And like no one else on earth
Waited, love, for me.